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About us

Quality inspection

Shanxi north into pharmaceutical co., LTD. QC department construction in 2009, the current inspector 20 people, including 9 undergraduate 10 people, colleges and technical secondary school 1 person. As a company test center, in 2012 passed the new GMP certification.
QC construction area of 860 ㎡, is divided into test group, instruments, test group. Including SAN area clean room area of 116 ㎡, clean room is equipped with sterile preparation, preparation, microbial limit strains between batches, and according to the demand of the new pharmacopoeia in aseptic preparation with sterile laminar isolator; Strains between batches with biological safety cabinet, to provide good environment for inspection, inspection environment are accordance with the requirements of the CFDA.
Instrument group has advanced high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, infrared spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, etc., can fully satisfy most raw materials and preparations determination of content and related substances, etc.
Test group is quite experienced, can ensure identification, content determination, such as inspection, inspection data are accurate and reliable.